Now’s a good time to invite us to come by and discuss options large or small for your lawn and garden care. We're happy to help with both one-time visits or on-going maintenance. 

You'll appreciate our flexible approach to your beds or with our mowing service. Weeding, trimming, clean ups, planting -- most anything you might like help with we've been doing for 50 years in your neighborhood.

More ideas: gutter clearing, planting bouquets of flowers for the whole long growing season.
taking care of watering or mowing while you're out of town. 
just let me know what else you might need.

We're happy to provide you with satisfied customers nearby who will vouch for our cordial, efficient and professional service.  Let me know you found us on this site for a 10% or $25 discount.

Now is a great time to discuss our custom options for lawn and garden care, especially to set up monthly service plans, minimizing stress for you and the lawn and maximizing service for the cost.
As usual we can go outside our geographic comfort zone for one-time or occasional visits, or larger jobs; it’s primarily routine mowing or small garden care visits that are challenging with the extra mileage to price the way we like.